Thursday, February 19, 2009

my days

my days seem to be getting shorter and shorter. im getting more tired as each day passes. people tell me i look sick. they say i should go to the nurse or something. teachers watch me as if expecting me to zonk out at any moment. is this good or bad? i have no idea but it is kinda getting annoying. sometimes i feel like falling asleep right in the middle of class but luckly i dont. i go to bed at 9 usualy cause thats when we have prayer. i wake up at 6 thats pretty normal. so i dont no why i am so tired. if anyone knows why let me know please, and posibly tell me a way to fix it.

Friday, February 6, 2009


poetry... geez its a great way to express ur feelings and yet i still keep them hidden... i know, i know, "you should share your talents" so on and so forth. yeah but then there is the feeling of embaressment that comes from sharing your talents with those wh think its a curse... i hate that feeling. some people dont know much about me because they dont seem to care, others because they have laughed at me every time i do something. try being me some time... i know that everyne has their moments, but it still hurts. what i wonder is is how many people acctualy com out and share their talents instead of keeping them a secret? is it just me? or are there others like me?

the meaning of love.

my life is scary.
its hard as well.
i seem to be confused alot,
and dont know what to do or expect next.
why do we feel love?
why do we feel hate?
why do wish?
why do we dream?
whats the point in being different,
when all we get feel is regret?
for being our selves,
for doing what we like to do,
for being who we like to be.
this world is crazy.
some people are considered lazy.
but that is because they are different from everyone else.
we are all different and like different things.
we all change at different times.
we all like different things.
we are never alike no matter how hard we try to fit in we never do.
i know this and you should, too.
every thing is different for everyone.
but thats ok because we are never alone.
there are people who like the same things.
there are friends and family who understand.
that is the true meaning of love.