Tuesday, May 6, 2008


the weeks seem to be getting longer as summer gets closer, more like farther. it rained last night and this morning and must have been pretty bad, because there were baby birds in the different court yards at school that were soaked to the bone and dead!! it was crazy " look a dead bird" "were?" "over there, and a nother that way!!" ALL DAY LONG!! so there were some birds so what nothing to die over. It is getting boring the teachers are running out of ideas for lessons. I HATE SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008


You know how people think its funny when people use, B*** (butt), or the ,butt, pictures? i hate it i think it i realy stupid!! and rude to put it in public! along with people saying cuss words around kids that will most likly repet them for ever! i feel bad for kids who have parents who just dont care what they do. it gets on my nerves and makes me wonder how the parents became that way? was it the same ,parents who dont care, or friends? im glad i know that i can repent and that i have the word of wisdom and i hope that when i have kids they dont become like most teens today. i am lucky to belong to the true church of Jesus Christ.